A Real-World Case in Aviation Law

Roger Clark RLAW'78 is the founding member and managing partner at the Clark Law Group in California and Florida, but each ...

Aviation Lawyer, Irukera, Examines Laws Guiding Industry's Activities Pt.1

In recent times the Nigerian air space has recorded alarming numbers of air mishaps, recording about 10 air crashes in the last 20 ...

Aviation attorney on Malaysia Airlines issue

Floyd Wisner, an aviation attorney with the Wisner Law Firm, joined Biz Asia America to discuss the troubles that Malaysia Airlines ...

Aviation lawyer Arthur Rosenberg on Boeing CEO's testimony

Aviation lawyer Arthur Rosenberg says Boeing was complicit in keeping important information away from the authorities, which ...

Lawyer Discusses Aviation Litigation

KXAN's counsel Stacy Allen to find out more about the crash investigation process. He has represented aircraft manufacturers and ...

Pilot and aviation attorney talks plane crash in Taiwan

Pilot and aviation attorney Ron McCallum talks about the recent plane crash in Taiwan.

Airline Law and Regulation: A Brief History [POLICYbrief]

Why is the airline industry one of the most heavily regulated and subsidized industries in America? Gary Leff, Mercatus Center ...

KTVK: Interview with Aviation Attorney Tim McCulloch About Possible Airline Pilot Shortage

KTVK-TV interview 11.27.12 about a possible airline pilot shortage with aviation attorney Tim McCulloch at the Phoenix law firm, ...

Aviation attorney on investigation into Australian plane crash that claimed lives of 4 Texans

Four of the five who died in the crash were from the Austin-area.

Fast Five B&CA Editor Interviews Aviation Attorney James Cooling

Cooling offers advice on dealing with the FAA.

Aviation attorney weighs in on LifeNet helicopter crash

A local aviation attorney shares his opinion on the LifeNet helicopter crash that killed four people.

Local aviation attorney on Malaysian Airlines search

Local aviation attorney Jamie Lebovitz discusses the search for missing Malaysian airliner.

Legal Logic: Aviation and Liability Law

Legal logic discusses the missing Malaysia airline jet with legal issues that are leaving more questions about the aviation and ...

Aviation Attorney Discussing Private Jet Transactions

Expert Aviation Attorney Discussing Private Jet Transactions and the importance of legal review of private aircraft buy or sell ...

The Future of Air Travel – Can Aviation Laws Keep Up? | Jenny A. Urban | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

Get through airport security faster or check a bag with the tap of your fingers or a scan of your eyes? Experience artificial ...

Aviation Attorneys with International Experience

Our plane crash lawyers have handled a wealth of complex aviation cases across the nation and around the world. As aviation ...

Aviation Attorney Andy Stern comments on Buffalo plane crash probe, 2/16/09-7AM

Andy Stern comments on Buffalo plane crash probe, Good Day Philadelphia 2/16/09.

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